Hello world!

So, it is 22:15 and I just finished a can of sardines in oil and bread. Yes, a loaf of bread. White bread…the “Agege” type popular and sold on the streets of Lagos and known to many Nigerians.  After my upteenth resolution to cut overly processed carbs out and maintain after successfully losing about 18 kilos 4 years ago. Iyanya’s “your waist, your waist…all I want is your waist” comes on the radio and it occured to me that mine is starting to hide behind rolls of fat. A nibble here and a bite there means l now weigh a whopping 176pounds (at my last weigh in) for my 5 ‘7 frame.  My clothes no longer fit so well and a change of wardrobe is not in the cards.  I want my waist and my figure 8 too. It is weight loss mode, healthy eating and increased physical activity. So, this is my journal and commitment to see the 25 odd pounds off. I have done it before and can certainly do it again. If you want your proverbial “figure 8”, let’s do this together.  First weigh in is tomorrow morning.

Sweet dreams.

Yours truly


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