Day 1: Oh My Gosh!

This is coming one day late because I was so busy yesterday.

I got on the scale in the bathroom and the truth stared me in the face. I now weigh 184 pounds. 184 pounds! No wonder my clothes don’t fit anymore. It’s a long way from where I want to be but it could be worse. Since I have decided to deal with this and become more active, I reckon I am half way there.

No time to exercise this morning. I promised an Associate I would get in at 6:30am to deal with something important. I just drank a bottle of water before hitting the shower.

So, I packed my lunch of fruits; an apple and three mangoes. I love mangoes. They are back in season and I bought a load last Sunday.

I was out by 6:15am and got in at 7:05 after a stressful drive due to queues for fuel. I decided to elevate my laptop and work whilst standing. I think I need to get a “lean to” or whatever it is called. it made me finish tasks faster…I think. I kept my jug of water nearby and kept hydrating.

I also asked someone to help take my picture, so that I could have a “before” picture to compare with the “after”. She was kind and we wrapped it up quickly. Unprofessional goings on at work?

I drank a glass of tomato juice around noon. I did not have any lime handy to give it a zing, but it was still nice chilled. I make mine from sachets of tomato paste I keep handy at work. The store bought juices are made from concentrate as well but salt is added in addition to preservatives. I ate the mangoes at about 3pm and left the apple for later. I continued to  drink water. Made several trips to the loo though. Dinner at about 7pm was Amala, Ewedu Soup and fish. Amala is a pudding made from dried yam flour. I will try to get the proper name for the leaf.

The drive home took 15minutes and I was in by 9:45pm. in bed by 11pm. I want to commit to getting at least 6-7 hours sleep every night, so that means reduced tv time after work.

It was a good day.

Yours truly


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