Day 3: Smoothie Friday

Weigh in: 179.5

Made two smoothies and headed out at 6.30am.

Breakfast 7.20amish

1 Mango, 1 pear and 1 green apple smoothie. Very nice. I have to try this combo again.

Snack at 11.45am

2 boiled eggs; sliced with olive oil drizzled on, chili and Mr. Spice crushed/mixed spices sprinkled on as well.

Lunch 2.30pm

Portion of white rice, steamed vegetables and fish.

water, water, water

Snack – 5pm

My second smoothie of 54 red grapes+1 red apple.

Dinner at 7.45

Small turkey salad

I think I have had too much protein today!!! I was all over the place in between work, and took a trip to the Marina (Broad Street) to deal with my faulty blackberry (more like crackberry for the last 6 months). Maybe I needed the energy? I will scale back tomorrow.

I have a squash racket that has been gathering dust for a bit, so when I saw the ad for a “squash taster” on truppr I signed up. It’s for 11am tomorrow Saturday 7th March. I wish it was earlier in the day though. Hopefully, I will meet a coach that is ready to take me on. Squash will be good to break some sweat.

Looking forward to seeing my dad and mum this weekend.


Yours truly


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